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Kickstart your Climate Venture

4 weeks
April 18 - May 11, 2023
Climate-tech can be daunting when you're getting started: how do you create an effective business model? How do you measure impact? How do you raise funds? How do I identify a climate-related problem to solve? In this Bootcamp, we'll help you find all the answers to these questions.
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Jamil Wyne, Climate-Tech investor and advisor, World Bank, Said Business School, Clean Energy Ventures, United Nations
Who is this for

Designed for ambitious people like you, keen to break into Climate Tech

You know your focus
You are serious about starting your journey in Climate Tech and want to make sure you kickstart in the right way
You need support
You are excited about starting your journey in Climate Tech but are looking for expert support to kick-start your path
You need clarity
You are not sure yet on how to best run with your idea and are excited to be part of a community where to grow together
Tangible outcomes

Engage with Jamil and your cohort to...

Get clarity on what you want to tackle
Gain a better understanding of tools & strategies you can use to build your Climate Tech venture
Lay out the foundations to accelerate your journey in Climate Tech
A tailored roadmap to help you get started in climate-tech and accelerate your career in this space
Build a strong network of potential partners
Connect with peers and build a strong network of ambitious climate tech leaders like you with whom to grow together

Take your idea from 0 to 100 and kickstart your journey in Climate Tech today

Before this cohort
You are passionate about climate tech but have no idea how to kickstart your journey to succeed in this field
After this cohort
You have a clear, actionable plan on how to best leverage tools and strategies to take your idea from 0 to 100

Learn from Jamil & top experts who will help you succeed in your Climate Tech journey

Jamil Wyne, Climate-Tech investor and advisor, World Bank, Said Business School, Clean Energy Ventures, United Nations
Advisor, investor, professor and author focusing on climate, innovation, and economic development around the world. Worked with development finance institutions, impact investment firms, and technology startups, including the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Schmidt Futures, Clean Energy Venture Group, the United Nations, Oxford University, Crossboundary, and Catalyst Investment Management. Co-lead of the Oxford Climate Tech Initiative @Saïd Oxford Business School. Investor in climate-tech startups including PowerX, Carbon Upcycling, Carbon Collective, and has helped to build funds and technology ecosystems in a range of countries, including Jordan, Greece, Serbia, Singapore, Oman, Ukraine, Egypt, Japan, Kuwait, Iraq and Bangladesh. Fulbright Fellow, On Deck Climate Tech Fellow, and adjunct professor at George Washington University and American University. Work has been featured or cited in SSIR, WEF, McKinsey, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Innovations Magazine (MIT), Al-Jazeera, World Bank, United Nations, Brookings, and Wharton publications, as well as university curricula and books.
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Here's what our Alumni have said
Jamil did a fantastic job of aligning a group of SME's who have built and are active VC's for climate tech companies. From our first interaction, he said what he'd do, and did what he said.
Real deep-dive in the world of climate tech, excellent speakers with great knowledge and personality. Next to that I met a group of passionate and potential climate founders.
It was transformative for me. Well executed. I learned a lot and it motivated me to dig deeper - and iterate. Presenters and cohort members awesome
The mentors that came to the class, the overall community and the resources shared were absolute top notch.
I walk away happy with what I learned, the people I met, the content. This is a pilot program so I'd say there is room for improvement but it's a fantastic first go.
It was a fantastic experience and truly inspirational for my learning journey into Climate Tech.
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4 weeks
April 18 - May 11, 2023
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Learning path

Tailored content to help you launch your Climate Tech venture

Onboarding and Introductions
Week 0
Identify a climate challenge you want to work on
Week 1
Identify best tools & strategies
Week 2
Determine how you can you measure impact
Week 3
Make successful pitches to investors in Climate Tech
Week 4

5hrs of your time a week to kick-start your Climate Tech journey

Squad meeting
Connect with your fellows to learn from each other and grow together
Expert Q&A
Get answers to your pressing questions in a live class with the expert
Content & Challenges
Get access to frameworks from top experts and put what you learned into practice
live session
live session
at your own time
The Coleap experience

Not just another online course

Complete tangible challenges that allow you to put your learning into practice and create tangible value for your day-to-day.
Expand your network with Coleap Fellows, and immerse yourself in practice & feedback with an intimate, trusted Squad that meets weekly at a mutually available time.
Learn from experts who have both achieved past success and currently operate in the field - gain access to battle-tested approaches that are relevant today.

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